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WLAN Bi-Directional Quality Amplifiers

WLAN, WiFi, WiMax Amplifiers from 900MHz, 2.4GHz, to 5.8Ghz



   802.11b/g, Includes 12V Power Supply, 6W



Part#: 2400PGE-6W




Automatic Gain Controlled (AGC) TX

Power Output: 6Watts

Receive Gain: +18dB

High Q 6 Poles of Filtering in RX

Low 2.5dB RX Noise Figure

Indoor & Outdoor Models Available

Standard N- Female Connectors

DC Injector Included for PGX Model

Mounting Hardware Included on outdoor

Internal Lightning Protection

2 Year Product Warranty



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If you are searching for a reliable, High Power, Spectrally Clean, 2.4GHz Bi-Directional Amplifier for your Military, Export and Part 97 (HAM) applications; you have just found it.

The 2400PE Bi-Directional WLAN Amplifier is available in a unique modular style machined chassis with the military in mind. The machined heatsink module is easily removable for those desiring different mounting options or who will be using a cold plate for heat dissipation.  The 2400PX Bi-Directional WLAN Amplifier model is housed in a die-cast aluminum weatherproof chassis and is intended for harsh outdoor applications.

We can provide customer specific modifications to tailor this product to your application. We specialize in fast-turn custom requirements. Please ask if you need special alterations.

We back the quality and performance of these units with our 2 year warranty.


  • 802.11g/b Wi-Fi Systems
  • Military, Export, or Part 97 Systems
  • High Cable Loss Installations
  • Harsh Environment Applications
  • Tower Top or Enclosed Installations
  • Installations Requiring Guaranteed Output

Guaranteed Quality

All RF LINX Amplifiers are manufactured and thoroughly tested with modern HP test equipment at our facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our manufacturing personnel are trained to IPC-A-610 CLASS 2 qualifications and experienced in RF and Digital circuit fabrication. We are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. In our experience, that's the difference that makes all the difference.


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9dBi Outdoor Omni (360°)

Range = 1000ft.  (Pt. to Mp.)


Part#: GNS-1401

Price: $89.99






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9.2dbi Outdoor Omni Ant.

9.2dBi Outdoor Omni Ant.

Range Varies on Access Point

N-Male for Direct Connect


Freq: 900 to 928 MHz Range

Part#: GNS-WR0900-90

Price: $149.99


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