Coaxial Cable Information:


What is Coaxial Cable?
Coaxial cable is a two conductor electrical cable with a center conductor and an outer conductor and an insulating spacer between the two.

How is Coaxial Cable used?
In most cases coaxial cables are used for the transmission of Radio Frequency. The cable offers tight control over electrical impedance. This offers excellent performance at high frequencies and superior EMI control and shielding.

What applications is Coaxial Cable used?
A broad range of applications exist for coaxial cabling. The two primary impedance values of 50 and 75 Ohms determine specific applications with 50 Ohms primarily used in data signal applications and 75 Ohms used in video signal applications.

Coaxial Cable Terms:

Attenuation (Insertion Loss): Loss of power. Attenuation is usually measured in dB loss per length of cable (ex. 31.0 dB/100Ft.). Attenuation increases as frequency increases.
Bend Radius: The amount of radius a cable can bend without any harmful effects.
Center Conductor: The solid or stranded wire in the middle of the coaxial cable. The conductor diameter is measured by the American Wire Gauge (AWG).
Coaxial Adapter: A device used to change one connector type to another or one gender to another (ex. TNC to SMA Adapter).
Coaxial Cable: A two conductor cylindrical transmission line typically comprised of a center conductor, an insulating dielectric material and an outer conductor (shielding). Coaxial cable can be flexible (typical of L-com assemblies), semi-rigid or rigid in nature.
Coaxial Connector: The interconnection device found at each end of a coaxial cable assembly. There are many common types of coaxial connectors such as: BNC, SMA, SMB, F, etc.
Dielectric: The insulating material that separates the center conductor and the shielding.
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Electrical or electro-magnetic energy that disrupts electrical signals.
Frequency: The number of times a periodic action occurs in one second. Measured in Hertz.
Impedance: In simple terms, impedance, in a coaxial product, is the measurement of resistance to the flow of current. The unit of measurement is Ohms.



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