D-Link DWL-2100AP 108Mbps Access Point


Part#: DWL-2100AP



Highly Secure and Reliable

4 Different Operating Modes

WPA, MAC, WEP, 802.1x Encryption

108Mbps Throughput, (802.11B/G)

Detachable Antenna

Built-In Web Configuration

Connect two Locations Together



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D-Link, the industry pioneer in wireless networking, introduces a performance breakthrough in wireless connectivity – D-Link AirPlus Xtreme GTM series of high-speed devices 

now capable of delivering transfer rates up to 15x faster than the standard 802.11b with the new D-Link 108G. With the new AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point,

D-Link sets a new standard for wireless access points.


With the D-Link 108G enhancement, the DWL-2100AP can achieve wireless speeds up to 15x in a pure D-Link 108G environment through the use of new wireless technologies such 

as Packet Bursting, Fast Frame, Compression & Encryption, and Turbo mode. These technologies enable a throughput high enough to handle video/audio streaming and future bandwidth-intense applications. The DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point 

also supports SNMP v.3 for better network management with the provided Wireless AP Manager software that manages network configuration and firmware upgrades. For Enterprise 

networks, the DWL-2100AP supports network administration and real-time network traffic monitoring via D-Link’s D-View Network Management software.


The D-Link DWL-2100AP Access Point has been verified and successfully passed through the Intel Wireless Verification Program, which tests the compatibility of various access point 

devices and wireless service providers with common configuration of notebooks built on Intel Centrino™ mobile technology.  The DWL-2100AP features WDS (Wireless Distribution System) 

that can be configured to perform in any one of five modes: a Wireless Access Point, a Point-to-Point (PtP) bridge with another DWL-2100AP, a Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) bridge, a Repeater or range extension, or as a Wireless Client. The WDS feature makes 

the DWL-2100AP an ideal solution for quickly creating and extending a wireless local area network (WLAN) in offices or other workplaces, or even at hotspots.


The DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point comes with a detachable antenna utilizing a reverse SMA connector. By simply attaching a D-Link wireless antenna, you can increase the wireless range of the DWL-2100AP.


Wireless security is addressed as the DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point uses WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and 802.1x authentication to provide a higher level of security for data communication amongst wireless clients. The DWL-2100AP is also fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g standards. With great manageability, versatile operation modes, solid security enhancement, the cost-effective D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-2100AP Wireless

Access Point provide the ultra-fast 108Mbps speed and everything else a network professional dreams of


• IEEE 802.11g
• IEEE 802.11b
• IEEE 802.11
• IEEE 802.3
• IEEE 802.3u
Device Management
• Web-Based – Internet Explorer v6 or later; Netscape Navigator v6 or later; or other Java- enabled browsers.
• SNMP v.3
Wireless Distribution System
• AP Client
• PtP Bridge
• PtMP Bridge
• Repeater
• 64, 128, 152-bit WEP
• WPA —Wi-Fi Protected Access
• MAC Address Access Control (WPA-TKIP and WPA-AES)
Media Access Control
• CSMA/CA with ACK
Wireless Frequency Range
• 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz
Wireless Signal Range*
• Indoors: Up to 328 ft (100 meters)
• Outdoors: Up to 1312 ft (400 meters)
Modulation Technology
• Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
• Complementary Code Keying (CCK)
Wireless Transmit Power
• 15dBm (32mW) ฑ 2dB (Control TX power level from full, 50%, 25%, 125% and min.)
Receiver Sensitivity*
• 54Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-66dBm)
• 48Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-71dBm
• 36Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-76dBm
• 24Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-80dBm
• 18Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-83dBm
• 12Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-85dBm
• 11Mbps CCK, 8% PER,-83dBm
• 9Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-86dBm
• 6Mbps OFDM, 10% PER,-87dBm
• 2Mbps QPSK, 8% PER,-89dBm
External Antenna Type
• 1.0dB Dipole with reverse SMA connector
• Power
• LAN (10/100)
• WLAN (Wireless Connection)
• Operating: 32ฐF to 140ฐF (0ฐC to 40ฐC)
• Storing: 4ฐF to 149ฐF (-20ฐC to 65ฐC)
• 95% maximum (non-condensing)
Power Input
• Ext. Power Supply DC 5V, 2.0A
Safety & Emissions
• UL
• EN
• L = 5.6 inches (142mm)
• W = 4.3 inches (109mm)
• H = 1.2 inches (31mm)
• 0.44 lbs (200g)
• 3 Year


* Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11g specifications. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, building materials and construction, and network overhead, lower actual data throughput rate. Environmental factors will adversely affect wireless signal range.




14dBi Outdoor Sector (90ฐ)

Range = 4 miles (Pt. to Mp.)


Part#: GNS-1406

Price: $289.99



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Pre-Fabricated Cat5

UTP, STP, Plenum Rated

All Lengths available




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