Universal Antenna Mount

Provides for Easy Installation for

all WiFi Antennas


8dBi Outdoor WiFi

Indoor/Outdoor WiFi

Varies on Access Point


Part#: GNS-1402

Price: $35.99


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500mW Indoor WiFi Access Point, RPSMA Antenna


Part#: GNS-2I-AP



Removable 2.4GHz WiFi Antenna

AP/CPE Operating Modes

Built In Web Configuration

54Mbps Transfer Rate

Can be used to connect 2 locations





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The AP 2i is a powerful indoor WiFi Access Point radio, coupling high output power (500 mW) with a unique, compact design to deliver a robust, cost-effective 2.4 GHz WiFi solution.  The AP 2i features an array of flexible hardware features, including an Atheros-based radio plat-form - enabling advanced features such as channel splitting capabilities to optimize link efficiency. The AP 2i features external LEDs for power, LAN and wireless link status, and may be powered by either direct DC power or power-over-ethernet (9V52V). This product ships with a removable RPSMA 3dBi Omni-Directional Antenna and integrated power-over-ethernet power supply, providing a complete out-of-the-box solution for indoor access point provisioning.  Upgrade the removable WiFi antenna for longer range, or custom outdoor WiFi network solutions.

The software features of the AP 2i include a powerful Linux-based core OS, with an easy-to-use, web-based GUI, providing an increased amount of flexibility, stability, features, and management functions that are not present in other WISP products on the market today. This product is also compatible with RCMS, a centralized configuration, firmware, and statistics server for carrier class management.

Product contains:

  • 500 mW RF Output Power (adjustable)
  • 3 dBi Omni-Directional Antenna Included
  • Full, half, and quarter bandwidth channels
  • PoE built-in for single cable installation
  • Configurable Multi-mode AP
    • AP mode
    • AP client mode
    • WDS
    • AP Router
    • AP Client Router
  • Latest security technologies
  • Comprehensive software features
    • IP routing
    • DHCP client/server/relay
    • DNS relay/proxy
    • Stateful inspection firewall
    • MAC/IP filtering
    • Digital device certificates
    • Multicast video support for CCTV or IPTV (IGMPv3)
  • Comprehensive management features
    • Web GUI
    • Command line management via SSH
    • RCMS server support for configuration
    • SNMP V1/2/3 with traps supporting MIBs: 802.1, 802.1x, MIBII
    • Syslog support

WLAN Standard


802.11 b/g

Radio Scheme


802.11g: OFDM (64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK, BPSK)


Frequency Range


2.3 GHz ~ 2.5 GHz (Country dependent)

RF Output Power


Up to 27 dBm - Adjustable

Receiver Sensitivity



802.11g: -93 +/- 2dBm @ 6 Mbps, -75 +/- 2dBm @ 54 Mbps

802.11b: -96 +/- 2dBm @ 1 Mbps, -90 +/- 2dBm @ 11 Mbps

Data Rate



802.11g: 54 / 48 / 36 / 24 / 12 / 9 / 6 Mbps

802.11b: 11 / 5.5 / 2 / 1 Mbps

Power Supply



On-board Ethernet surge protection

Input power accepts 9V52V power-over-ethernet or direct DC power

15V power-over-ethernet power supply included




3 dBi Rubber Duck Omni WiFi Antenna (RPSMA) included

(upgrade WiFi antenna by clicking here)

Operating Mode



AP / AP Client

WDS (Wireless Repeater, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-Point)

AP Router / AP Client Router



Password Protection

WPA / WPA2 Personal/Enterprise

MAC Filtering

Hidden SSID Support



Static and Dynamic WEP



Sleek, Compact Enclosure (5 in. x 5 in. x 1.5 cm.)

Operating Environment



Temperature 25C ~ 65C

Humidity 20 ~ 90% (non-condensing)




Warranty Period 






9dBi Outdoor Omni (360)

Range = 1000ft.  (Pt. to Mp.)


Part#: GNS-1401

Price: $89.99






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13dBi Outdoor Directional

Range = 2 miles (Pt. to Pt.)

Point to Point 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Range Varies on Access Point


Part#: GNS-1403

Price: $74.99


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