Universal Antenna Mount

Provides for Easy Installation for

all Wi Fi Antennas


Wireless Hotspot Setup (360 Coverage)

300-500ft. distance is based on un-obstructed line of sight to the end user, and with minimum interference.  For maximum range, the 500mW Access Point should be placed next to the outdoor antenna.




Part#: GNS-1445





Range = 500ft. or more
Requires Line-of-Sight to clients

Outdoor Access Point

54Mbps Throughput

Covers 360 Area


5ft. coaxial antenna cable

12dBi Outdoor Omni Antenna

Pole Mounting Hardware Included

2.4GHz Lightning Protector

54Mbps Outdoor Access Point




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This Wireless Hotspot is great for the startup Wi-Fi Hotspot, or those locations looking to offer WiFi at their home or business for the first time.  Included is everything you will need to cover about a 500ft. or more radius with Wireless Internet.  Depending on how many trees, or other obstacles are in the way, will determine on how far you will get.  Mount the Outdoor Access Point up to 300ft. away from your router, to allow for the maximum ease in installation, and minimum coax cable.


The GNS-1445 Hotspot Basic,  is customized for location owners who are looking to add WiFi to their location, with the most cost effective solution, therefore minimizing their investment.  The GNS Wireless Hotspot Basic package, although cost effective, can be the basis of your Wireless Hotspot if you plan to expand the Wireless Network in the future. 


Additional Access Points can be added, therefore extending the coverage area of your wireless network at your discretion.  If you plan to grow your Wireless Hotspot in the future, there is no need to replace the existing equipment, saving you time and money when it comes time to upgrade the WiFi network.  Additional Access Points are recommend for areas larger then 2000ft in diameter.  A typical wifi laptop card will get a range of about 300-700ft. from a high power access point.  This antenna works great for start-up WISP's, small RV-Parks, Campgrounds, or Marinas.



For Remote Locations that are more then 500ft away:


802.11b/g Client Device

Outdoor Client Device

Integrated 12dBi Antenna


Part# GNS-1661

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If your clients are more then 500ft. away from this antenna, please look into either adding another repeater to your setup, which would consist of another GNS-1445, or use an outdoor antenna, such as the GNS-1661.  This antenna is housed in a weatherproof enclosure, allowing you to mount it conspicuously on the side of your home and receive a stronger wireless signal.


With the addition of a Client Antenna on your remote locations, this will not only give you better speed, but also increase the range in which you can receive a signal.  Contact us for more information.




Note:  These antennas require Line-of-Sight to its clients in order to establish a secure, reliable connection.  If you have LOS issues, then please take a look at our pre-packaged NLOS (Non Line-of-Sight) Wireless Hotspots, or use a higher transmit power radio.  For point to point wireless network setups greater then 100ft, line of sight is always recommended.




3 foot Antenna Tripod

Requires min. 5ft. Mast


Part#: GNS-1631

Price: $44.99




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Universal Antenna Mount

Easy Installation for all Antennas


Part#: GNS-1433

Price: $27.99




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