Luxul 802.11b/g 1000mw Outdoor Amplifier


 Wi-Fi Signal Booster, Increases Wireless network range



Part#: GNS-1461



Includes Outdoor amplifier, power supply

   and Power injector.

NF Connectors

Operating Range: 2400-2500 MHz

Adds up to 30dbm output power

Up to 12 dB Receive Gain

1 Watt Smart Amplifier (2.4 GHz)

Utilizes Power Over Ethernet (POE)




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Please Note: This amplifier is only available for Military or Export only.  Please call for more information, or view the Pro-Wav pre-packaged solutions below:






Board Mounted Range

Extender Kit.  Includes Shock-

WAV Wi-Fi Signal Booster and

Circular Polarized Antenna.


Part #: PWK1-24-FC2

Price: $494.95


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Range Extender Kit.  Includes

Shock-WAV Wi-Fi Booster

and dipole Omni antenna.


Part #: PWK2-24-FC2

Price: $419.95


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Outdoor Range Extender or

Bridge Kit (requires 2 kits) to

reach outdoor areas.


Part #: PWK6-24-FC2

Price: $524.95



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This Indoor 1000mw 802.11b/g amplifier is designed for 802.11b/g Wireless Network Installations.  Designed for extending the range of 2.4GHz Wireless Radio devices, the Luxul amplifiers are particularly effective when used with outdoor antennas.  This Indoor unit provides transmit power amplification and receives signal gain.


Luxul combines this amplifier with its patent pending Power Over Coax power injector.  This injector gives you complete flexibility on amplifier placement by having the ability to place the amplifier directly near a power source, or remotely and use the included power over Ethernet.  Use an amplifier to increase signal strength at your point to point wireless network installation.


Adding an amplifier to your wireless network will reduce ambient noise in the area, as well as provide increased signal penetration.  Amplifiers are recommended for installations where you will be communicating directly to laptop users, where your customers are using weaker transmit devices such as PDA's, laptop cards, or other small wireless devices.


If you are unsure if this amplifier will work in your Wireless Network Installation, please contact us to discuss.

Please review and obey all FCC part 15 rules and regulations with regards to installation of WiFi amplifiers.  Only network professionals should be installing 802.11 network amplifiers.


Call (516) 214-0321 for more information.



Now you can have Luxul quality in a 802.11 b/g amplifier! Offering g speeds with the ease of Power Over Ethernet, this amplifier is the optimal solution for your 802.11 b/g needs.
Power Output: 1 Watt
Environment: Outdoor
Operating Range: 2400 - 2500 MHz
TX Input Range: +10 dBm - +24 dBm
Noise Figure: <3 dB
Connectors: N female
Power Requirements: 12-48V 5W (Typical)
Dimensions: 3.75" x 3" x 1.25"
Operating Temp: - 40o F to +150o F
Reduces ambient noise and provides superior signal penetration
Adds Up to 30 dBm output power
All amplifiers come with power supply
Solid Aluminum construction
LEDs for power, transmit and receive
Power Over Ethernet Pass-Through Port
Patent Pending
Injector Specifications:
Environment: Indoor
Connectors: N female
Power Requirements: 12-48V 5W (Typical)
Power Options: Power-Over-Ethernet (POE), Direct DC , 802.3af
Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.5" x 1.125"
Operating Temp: - 40o F to +150o F
Solid Aluminum construction
LEDs for power
Power Over Ethernet Pass-Through Port


1. Make sure the cables are properly connected and that there is power to the Shock-WAV Wi-Fi Signal Booster (or POE injector if applicable) and the WAP.

2. Sometimes, WAPs with multiple antennas have primary and secondary antennas.  The secondary antennas often do not receive or transmit with the same amount of power as the primary. If your WAP has more than one port, try connecting to a different port.

3. While Luxul products work with almost every commercially available WAP, some low-cost products do not offer the same results as higher-end models.

4. Ensure that the antenna is properly positioned. If it is facing away from the desired coverage area, or there are many obstacles in the way, wireless coverage may be incomplete. For best results use a Luxul Wireless X-WAV antenna. X-WAV signals are superior for penetrating wood, concrete, and stucco, but all wireless signals can be disrupted by certain obstructions, including large metal objects. Try orienting the antenna where more line-of-sight access to the desired coverage area is available.

5. If after checking the above items, your X-WAV antenna still does not seem to be functioning properly, please contact us at






Universal Antenna Mount

Easy Installation for all Antennas


Part#: GNS-1433

Price: $27.99





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3 foot Antenna Tripod

Requires min. 5ft. Mast


Part#: GNS-1631

Price: $44.99




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9dBi Outdoor Omni (360)

Range = 1000ft.  (Pt. to Mp.)


Part#: GNS-1401

Price: $89.99


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Ask us about pre-configuration of any Wireless Hotspot, so they work "out of the box" and ready to install at you location.  




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