802.11b/g Outdoor CPE setup w/ 9dBi Omni Antenna


Part#: GNS-1648




NEW! Signal Strength Meter Inc.

Outdoor Enclosure w/ N-Type Connector.

Weather Proof Enclosure

Includes 5 foot coax cable

Includes 9dBi omni antenna w/ bracket

DHCP Client, plug into any Ethernet port.

Integrated PoE Adapter

23dbm High Power Radio


Technical Specs.




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Everything you need to receive a Strong Wireless Signal on your boat or RV, without the  hassle of dropped Internet connections.


This Outdoor 15dBi Integrated CPE Device can be mounted outdoors, and can be powered through the integrated Power-over-Ethernet adapter that comes with the unit.  This means that this client device can be placed up to 300ft. away from your network, with only a single cat5 cable connecting to it.  This makes your network Installation easier to install and maintain.


This wireless CPE Solution is ideal for boaters, RV's or anyone else who wants long range wireless reception without the headaches of having to move around your laptop to get the best signal.  This unit can be mounted outdoors, is weather proof, and can receive a signal up to 20 times farther than your standard laptop card...without the headaches.


For even more versatility, ask us how you can create your own personal wireless network on your boat or RV, using the GNS-1648 as the receiver.  We will even help you set it all up! 


(For increased Range, ask us about upgrading to a 12dBi omni directional WiFi antenna.)


Call now for Free WiFi Design and Consultation:  (516) 214-0321.


Features at a glance

  • Station Adapter Mode

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Multiple MAC Bridge Support

  • DHCP Client

  • 128bit WEP

  • Web Management

  • 15dB Integrated Panel Antenna

  • Outdoor CAT5 Connector

  • Higher 23dB (200mW) Output

  • Higher Receive Sensitivity (-89dB @ 11Mbps)

  • Transient Discharge Protection (Tested to 2200 volts)

  • HTML interface

  • High Output LED's

  • Remote Management and Remote Update Capability

  • Signal and Noise levels in dBm

  • Adjustable RTS/CTS settings

  • Requires only 5.5 Watts of Power



Technical Specs.

Standard IEEE 802.11b
Data Rates Supported 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps
LAN Interface 10BaseT Ethernet
Frequency Band 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz
Radio Mode Station Adapter Infrastructure
Communication Method Half Duplex
Transmit Power +36dBm EIRP
Operating Channels 11 FCC
Receive Sensitivity -89dBm @ 11Mbps
Range Up to 3+ miles Point-to-Point
Polarization Horizontal or Vertical
Antenna Beamwidth 20 Degree Horizontal, 33 Degree Vertical
Encryption 40-bit & 128-bit WEP
Remote Configuration Support Based on IP Address
Dimension (L x W) 13 x 10
Unit Weight 0.55 kg (2.09 lbs)
Environmental Operating Temperature -65 deg C ) to +70 deg C
Mounting Pole or wall mount via 2 pc U-Bolts & clamps (included)
Cable 100 meter maximum cat5 cable

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Subject to local regulations.


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Pre-Fabricated Cat5

All Lengths available







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2.4GHz Lightning Arrestor

0.3 db insertion loss


Part#: GNS-4000

Price: $59.99



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