Universal Antenna Mount

Provides for Easy Installation for

all Wi-Fi Antennas


 Commercial Grade 54Mbps Point-to-Point Bridge (2 Mile)


Complete 54Mbps Commercial Grade

Point to Point Wireless Bridge


Point to Point Wireless Bridge, Wireless Ethernet Bridge, Backhaul

Part#: GNS-1800g



This Wireless Bridge kit includes Two Indoor Access Points, as well as 14dBi Yagi Antennas and all necessary mounting brackets and

coax cable with Lightning Protection.


External 14dBi Yagi Antenna

Commercial Grade Enclosure

QOS with Low Latency

54Mbps Transfer Rate

Optional POE Injector



Great for Sharing Files


Technical Specs.




For shorter range, use GNS-1806




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Works great in crowded  


       5GHz areas or VoIP Applications.



Connect your two locations up to 2 miles apart, using this easy to install Wireless Point to Point Link.  The antennas are 22dBi gain, directional antennas.  Each antenna has 15 degrees of coverage, in one direction, either horizontally, or vertically. 


If the supplied 25ft. of coax cable is not long enough to meet your requirements, ask us about upgrading to a longer coax cable, or use the Included PoE adapter to move the AP closer to the antenna.


If you have longer distance between your two locations, or would like to add a third location to your wireless network, contact us about exchanging the included antennas to omni directional, or higher gain yagi or grid antennas.  Call Now:  (516) 214-0321


Just point the antenna in the opposite direction, connect it to the indoor Access Point, and you'll be connected in no time.  The 2.4GHz Commercial Grade Access Points come with the latest in WPA encryption, MAC address filtering and WEP encryption.  Also available is AES Encryption while running in bridge mode for a secure connection.  This will establish a secure link between your two locations.


If you are trying to connect two buildings or locations that are more then 300 feet apart, and need a reliable, yet easy to install point to point wireless connection, then this is your solution.  This Long Range 2.4GHz Wireless Bridge Package will solve your connection problems immediately.  The included 2.4GHz outdoor antennas are extremely reliable and easy to install.  With minimum Installation experience required to install these antennas, your Installation will run smoothly. 


If your AP is not in an ideal position in order to meet the 25 foot coax cable requirement, this Bridge Kit includes a PoE adapter that will allow you to run power and data through the Ethernet cable.  This will simplify installation times, and maximize the location that the Access Point can be placed.  Depending on your distance between locations, you can also increase the length of the coax cable to 50 or 60ft.


Overall Features:
Controllable High Gain Output.  All radios have +13dBm maximum output. Power can be scaled back for closer installations to avoid noise issues and to meet local regulatory requirements.  Indoor Access Points are housed in commercial, metal enclosure, and can be powered via either direct power adapter, (included), or via Power-Over-Ethernet, (not included).  This will allow you to place the access point up to 200ft. from your network, via a single Ethernet cable.  This wireless bridge package, has very low latency, which is useful when transferring large data files, or for VoIP applications.

Dual Ethernet Ports
This allows you to daisy-chain radios at your installation sites (depending on power requirements). Great for
installing peripheral Power over Ethernet devices like weather monitoring or security cameras.

More Robust Routing Features
Tunneling Protocol Support. Includes support for tunneling protocols such as VPN, PPTP, RSA, etc.

Low Power Requirements
Excellent for solar and other alternative power source installations. TR-500 radios require only 7 Watts.

Access Point Features:
Wireless Distribution System (WDS).  WDS allows Access Points to be wirelessly connected to each other while also servicing clients.  Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). WPA improves on the security features of WEP. It includes improved data encryption and user authentication.  Mount this access point in cold or temperature sensitive environments and maintain reliability.


Easy Setup and Configuration:
Outside LEDs allow you to easily see if WEP or WPA is activated on your Access Point.  Setup and configuration is user friendly using the web based management included.  Simply open your Internet browser, type in the default IP address, and start configuring the radio to meet the needs of your network.  Real time signal strength meters will tell you exactly when you have the strongest signal between your two radios, optimizing your point to point wireless connection.

Client Adapter (CPE) Features:
Alignment LEDs:  Now you can align your client and point to point installations without having to log into the radio. Get visual signal strength at a glance by using this great feature.


Recommended Antenna Mount:



Universal Antenna Mount

Installation for all Antennas


Part#: GNS-1433

Price: $27.99



Use the following mount (not included) for the easiest mounting of the grid antenna included in this GNS-1800a wireless bridge kit.  One mount is required per location.

The universal mounting arm can mount directly to your building wall, and has the ability to pivot up and down for correct aiming of the antenna.





Standard IEEE 802.11b/g
Data Rates Supported 1, 2, 5.5, 11, 54 Mbps
LAN Interface 10/100BaseT Ethernet
Frequency Band 2.4GHz
Radio Mode Station Adapter Infrastructure
Communication Method Half Duplex
Transmit Power +13dBm
Receive Sensitivity -73dBm @ 54Mbps, -85dbm @ 6Mbps
Range Up to 1.5+ miles Point-to-Point
Polarization Horizontal or Vertical
Antenna Beamwidth Antenna Dependant
Encryption 40-bit & 128-bit WEP
Remote Configuration Support Based on IP Address
Dimension (L x W) 7-3/4 x 4-1/4 x 1-1/2
Environmental Operating Temperature -65 deg C  to +60 deg C
Mounting wall mount
Cable 100 meter maximum cat5 cable


Note:  Depending on your distance, these wi fi antennas do not require perfect Line-of-Sight to each other in order to establish a secure, reliable connection, however they do require that you have Near Line-of-Site (nLOS).  We do recommend that you mount the wi fi antenna at the highest possible location to avoid any and all obstructions for the best performance of the point to point wireless backhaul.


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Universal Antenna Mount

Easy Installation for all Antennas


Part#: GNS-1433

Price: $27.99





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3 foot Antenna Tripod

Requires min. 5ft. Mast


Part#: GNS-1631

Price: $44.99




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12" Wall Mount Bracket

Great for when eve of building

is in the way of antenna.


Part#: GNS-1633

Price: $22.99



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Ask us about pre-configuration of these Access Points, so they work "out of the box" and ready to install at your two locations.  




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