Wireless Hotspot Setup (360 Coverage)

500ft. distance is based on un-obstructed line of sight to the end user, and powered with a minimum of 500mW Access Point.  For maximum range, a 1000mW Access Point is recommended.



Part#: GNS-1807





Range = 500ft.
Requires Line-of-Sight

Connects to any Wireless AP

Easy Antenna Installation

Covers 360 Area


25ft. Total Antenna Cable

9dBi Outdoor Omni Antenna

All Mounting Hardware Included

2.4GHz Lightning Protector





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This Wireless Hotspot does not come with any Wireless Access Point.  Please choose your Wireless Access Point by clicking here, before you order.  If you are unsure about the difference between Access Points, please contact us anytime.  For maximum range, please choose an Access Point with at least 500mW, or 1000mW TX (Transmit) power.  The actual distance available will depend on multiple scenarios, such as TX power of the Access Point, Receive Sensitivity, quality of WLAN card the customer is using, and whether or not you have line of sight between the customer and the broadcasting antenna.


This basic Wireless Hotspot Setup is great for the beginner WISP.  This package includes everything you need to build your own Wireless Hotspot with friends or neighbors.  It also works great if you are trying to extend the coverage of your current WRT54G, or WAP54G Linksys Devices to cover outside your home or office.  Simply connect the cables, Lightning Arrestor, and Antenna to the back of your Access Point or Router, and your ready to go.  No configuration necessary. 


The antenna should be mounted outdoors, on the roof, preferably about 15 to 20 feet high.  Any user that is more then 200feet away and using a low end wireless card, may need to upgrade to a better card before being able to connect to this antenna. 


The strength of the connection depends on the weakest link between the two devices, please contact us for more details.



The antenna has the ability to reach users up to 1000 feet away, but the distance depends on the strength of the users devices.  If the users have a weak laptop card, then they will need a better card to

get the best signal.  For a better card, go with the ZyXel B-101, or G-110 laptop card.


This antenna works great for start-up WISP's, small RV-Parks, and small Campgrounds, or Marinas.


If your AP is not in an ideal position in order to meet the 25 foot requirement, please take a look at our Power-over-Ethernet adapters, (POE).


Note:  These antennas require Line-of-Sight to its clients in order to establish a secure, reliable connection.  If you have LOS issues, then please take a look at our pre-packaged NLOS (Non Line-of-Sight) Wireless Hotspots.





Outdoor access point, dual radio, mesh network, 2.4ghz wireless network, gnswireless

Teletronics EZ312

High Power, Single Radio

2.4GHz, 1000mW, Long Range


Part #: GNS-EZ312

Price: $699.99

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Teletronics TT2400

Outdoor AP/Bridge 54Mbps

2.4GHz, 802.11b/g

200mW Output Power


Part #: TT2400

Price: $259.99

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