48V PoE (Power over Ethernet)

 Input 90-264VAC, Output 48VDC

 Part#: GNS-48POE




  • Remote routers, access points
  • Remote networking equipment
  • IP camera systems
  • 400MHz to 10GHz systems
  • IP phone systems
  • Power Supply included



POE Power Supply/Adapter with Input 90-264VAC, Output 48VDC at 0.35A 16.8W, Lightning/Surge protection on Ethernet pairs.  View diagram below for cat5e cable information.

The 48V POE is an advanced power supply / power injector. The power supply is auto ranging depending on the input and has a regulated voltage output. It has overload and short circuit protection in addition to Ethernet surge suppression built-in to the device. The 48V POE is not a proprietary unit, and will function with any equipment which is compliant with the IEEE 802.3af POE standards.  This POE injector will supply power on Ethernet pins 4/5 (V+) and 7/8 (V-).  The 48V POE come complete with a standard North American 115VAC power cord.  International cords are available upon request.

  • The power supply can be centrally located where it can be attached to an uninterruptible power supply, and must remain indoors.

  • The user has the ability to easily power on reset the attached equipment from a remote location.

  • There is no need to run additional power cabling to the device as power can be supplied over the CAT5 Ethernet cable.



Orinoco AP-4900MR

Support of 4.9Ghz and 2.4GHz

Wi-Fi using dual 4.9/2.4GHz

Outdoor Mesh System


Part #: GNS-AP4900MR

Price: $2499.99


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Orinoco AP-4000MR

Support of 5.8Ghz and 2.4GHz

Dual Radio Metropolitan Mesh



Part #: GNS-AP4000MR

Price: $1799.99


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