The diagram below illustrates how using a 802.11a mesh network can benefit your campground, RV Park, Marina, or other area by offering farther WiFi Coverage, and stronger signal strength around the park.  By using 802.11a as your backhaul, you are reducing the amount of processing on the 802.11b/g radio, and therefore increasing the speed of your network.  As shown below, each of the access points are connected via the 802.11a antenna. Each radio also has a built in 802.11b/g radio, which provides your users with WiFi Coverage.  This greatly increases your speed, and flexibility of your network.  You can now add multiple 802.11b/g radios to extend coverage zones, and add more 802.11a backhauls as your wireless needs grow.  Another benefit is that a combination of antennas can be used for different types of areas, depending on the particular park need.     

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Campground Setup.  Obstructed LOS, Heavily Wooded.

Using 802.11a Mesh Access Points for backhaul.


Outdoor Cabana Club.  Large area, Multi-level, Many obstructions.

Used combination of Integrated Antennas, and Omni Antennas.



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