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900MHz Application Solutions:


Hello.  I have a customer that wants a camera at his gate.  From his house to the gate it is 1,200 feet.  About the middle of the path there is about 100' of trees.  He wants it to be wireless.  We have power at the gate.  What would be the best option for this application and could I please get a quote?


You will have to use a 900 MHz point to point link, which will penetrate the trees without a problem.  Your quote is attached.  This includes everything that you need to establish the connection, and will come pre-configured, and ready to install "out of the box".  Each antenna that will be placed at each location is enclosed in an outdoor, weatherproof enclosure.  At the main location, you will connect the outdoor radio, via Ethernet cable, to your LAN, or switch.  At the gate, you will connect the outdoor radio, via Ethernet cable to the camera.  Each unit is powered via a power injector, which must be placed indoors, or inside a weatherproof box where you have your AC power.


You can view details of the link here:                                                                          




I need to know if it is possible to network two home offices together via wireless. They are approximately 3300 feet apart. The ground topography between the two shows a dip so there will be no land mass obstruction between the locations.  The only obstructions are trees. Patches of trees throughout total approximately 1020 linear feet of obstruction. The desired result is for the two home offices to be connected as if they were one. Each home office has a basic network where all the computers are on the same workgroup. One home office has three computers and the other one has four. Each site has wireless routers where other users may be on the network occasionally. We would like to share files, printers, and internet. We plan to share large files but connection speeds at 11Mbps are acceptable. Is there anything powerful enough to make this connection with 100% certainty?



At your distance, the most reliable wireless bridge to connect your two locations would be to use the GNS-1130, which is a complete link, using the 900 MHz technology.  The radios included in the link, are outdoor rated, and can be mounted outdoors.  The integrated antennas will point toward each other, and establish the desired link.  Each radio is powered via an indoor power injector, which sends power and data through the connected Ethernet cable.  This makes installation quick and easy.  Mount each antenna as high as possible, at your locations, and point toward each other.  Avoid using any 900 MHz cordless phones inside the two locations.  View details of the link by clicking here:



2.4GHz Application Solutions:


The information provided on your web site has been very valuable.  Iím looking for some expert advice on how best to reliably and costs effectively extend my homes wireless network to an unattached building on my property. The metal building sits about 75í away from my main residence, with about 15í of elevation change (e.g. slightly up a hill). There are no LOS obstructions and since I live in a very rural area, other wireless traffic is mostly non-existent. I currently use 2 Linksys WRE54G extenders to provide access to the detached building, but the connection does not provide the reliability that I require.
For my home network I currently use a Linksys WRT600N router which manages connectivity very well for about a dozen wireless G and N devices. I currently run WPA-Personal with AES and TKIP encryption, with the N traffic on the dedicated 5 GHz band and G traffic on 2.4 GHz. I have a Linksys WET200 wireless bridge to provide connectivity for some of my home entertainment gear.
My wife has a Mac Book Pro with built in Wireless-N network adapter and our children have notebooks with Wireless-G adapters.  My preference would be to preserve the wireless capability within the classroom. Based upon what Iíve read on your site there are a number of solutions such as WAP with directional antennas or even wireless point to point bridge.  Iím looking to make a purchase and perform the installation immediately and would appreciate any recommendations for a cost effective and reliable solution.



What you need is a cost effective point to point bridge to connect the two locations.  This will allow you to have a separate wireless router inside the remote building, which can be used for local access to the laptops in that building.  The part number is GNS-1150,, which includes everything you need to connect the two locations.  At the main location, you will connect the radio to the LAN port on your N router.  On the remote building you will connect the radio to the WAN port on your remote router, (not included.).  The radios should be mounted outside, and pointed at each other.  They are housed in a weather proof enclosure, with a small form factor of 6" x 4" square.  The wireless bridge comes pre-configured, so all you have to do is mount them and power up.



I have a customer that needs to connect their network to a building about 300ft away. I was looking at the wireless kit, Part # GNS-1125.  Is this the least expensive solution you offer for share a internet signal between two locations?



The most cost effective solution to bridge two buildings at 300ft, with clear line of sight, is the GNS-1150,  This will include everything you need to connect the locations.  The radios are outdoor rated, and weatherproof, similar to the GNS-1125, however, if you only require a simply wireless connection to bridge your two remote locations, and do not require high throughput, the GNS-1150 will work great in your situation.  The connection will operate over the 2.4GHz frequency.



Hello, my dad has DSL at his home, I'm 500 ft. farther off the road and can't get the DSL  yet. Want to be able to pick up wireless from my house, the line of sight is pretty well clear what would be the best & cheapest way to do this?
Thank you



If you are 500ft. away from your fathers Internet connection, you have two options.  The first would be to use a outdoor antenna mounted to the roof of your home, and point it toward your dads home to receive the signal.  Once it is connected, you would hardwire the cat5 cable directly to your computer.  This would be the cheapest way to get the signal, but quality of the signal depends on how strong he is broadcasting it.  Here is the part number to do so:  A diagram will illustrate how the connection occurs.


Another option, and one that may be a bit more reliable, is to create a point to point wireless link between your two locations, which means having an antenna on each end, pointing toward each other.  The antenna on his home connects to the routers LAN port, and the antenna on your home connects to your PC's LAN port.  This will give you a quality signal between the two, and a solid connection.  The radios will be mounted outdoors, and only a single cat5 cable will be required to provide data and power, which simplifies the installation.

Here is the part number to do so:



I am looking for a Wireless Bridge kit to bridge between 2 buildings. There is a clear line of sight with not obstructions in the way. I have 2 D-Link DWL-2100AP (newer model of DWL-2100). The distance between the 2 locations is over a half mile but under a mile. There will be 4 computers at the main location with 6 computers at the remote location. Large files will be transferred between locations. The main reason for the connection is for internet access between buildings. Can you tell me a solution that will best fit my situation? I was looking at part#: GNS-1802 but I don't know if the newer D-Link access points will work and I would not need them in the kit. Let me know if you would possibly be able to help. Let me know what the cost would be as well as a parts list.



For that distance, you can use the 13dBi patch antennas that are included with the kit, with 25ft. coax cables, and Lightning arrestors, which will be everything you need to adapt to your existing DWL-2100AP's.  This solution will be cheaper, and give you a better signal then the dipole antennas.  To order the GNS-1802 without the D-Link DWL-2100AP included, please contact us directly, and we will assist you with the part numbers over the phone.  Here is a link to the GNS-1802 wireless bridge kit,


All items are in stock, and if you have any other questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.



5.8Ghz Application Solutions:


We are building a farm surveillance system and are looking to monitor our lands using Wi-Fi, wireless bridge technology between two buildings. Distance is 2-4 miles apart from monitoring station. We prefer to use the not so crowded 3.4 - 5 GHz Band.  Note the surveillance systems will be remote using solar powered systems. Please advice on the current and voltage needed or power needed for POE Injector.



As we discussed earlier, the GNS-1124 wireless bridge kit will be your best option for the point to point system at 2 miles.  If you choose to go point to multi-point at the later time, you can simply move the main antenna to a remote location, re-configure the unit in client mode, and add an additional AP with an Omni antenna at the main location.  This will provide you up to 23Mbps throughput, with low latency.  You can view details here of the GNS-1124 here,


If you are closer to the 4 mile distance, I might recommend moving up to the GNS-1124P, which is the same bridge kit package, and method of linking the locations, but includes access points that have increased transmit power for a more reliable signal.  Both kits include outdoor access points, with the POE injectors and power supplies included.  Pre-Configuration is available to you if you desire a link that works ďout of the boxĒ.





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