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Wireless telecommunications solutions for the commercial sector, COMJAM Broadband antennas Antenna arrays for submarines UAV special antennas Interferometer Antenna Arrays, ESM/ECM, ELINT, COMINT, SIGINT and Communications antennas, IED Antennas, Antenna maintenance and overhaul 

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MTI Wireless Antennas


The MTI Advantage

Working with MTI provides OEMs serving commercial and military environments with a comprehensive set of compelling advantages. In the competitive wireless antenna arena we are truly the equipment vendor of choice, giving our partners, as our name proudly proclaims, the Wireless Edge.

  • 35 years of field proven experience in wireless communications & developing high-gain, wide band antennas.
  • Unprecedented 30% market share in the wireless antenna arena.
  • Deep manufacturing experience (compliant with US military regulations)
  • Products address a broad frequency range (HF to 40GhZ)
  • Full range of flat panel antennas & systems for commercial/military deployments, standard off-the-shelf & customized.
  • Superior testing & simulation practices, Three outdoor antenna test ranges and a compact range for radiation properties measurement.
  • Commercial: PtP, PtMP, LMDS, WLL, MDS/MMDS and W2LL.
  • Military: A wide range of broadband, tactical & specialized antennas for communications, IED, CONINT, COMJAM, ELINT, Interferometer Antenna Arrays, ESM, ECM, Sigint, and Missiles applications.
  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications.
  • Standards-compliant: ETSI, IEEE, FCC, MPT, BAPT and DTI conformity

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