GNS Wireless supports a broad portfolio of wireless broadband solutions from Motorola that allows service providers, enterprises, WISPS, and governments to build the wireless network that meets their business needs.



  Motorola Broadband Solutions


Point to Point Backhaul

     PTP100 | 20Mbps

     PTP200 | 21Mbps

     PTP300 | 25Mbps

     PTP500 | 105Mbps

     PTP600 | 300Mbps

     PTP800 | 400Mbps


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MESH Wireless Equipment

    MESH Wide Area Network

    Vehicle Mounted MESH

    Intelligent Access Points

    Public Safety networks


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Wireless WAN and LAN

    Point to Multi-Point

    3.65 GHz

    Extended Warranty

    802.11N Access Points

    In-Wall Access Points




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Software Upgrades

    AES Upgrade Keys

    Bandwidth Upgrades

    Extended Warranty


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    Lightning Protection

    Surge Suppressors

    Upgraded Coaxial Cable

    RF Coax Connectors


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Featured Products

Motorola PTP 800 Carrier-Grade Licensed Wireless Ethernet Bridge






The PTP 800 Licensed Ethernet Microwave solution is Motorola's newest entrant into its industry-leading point-to-point (PTP) portfolio. Ideal for today's evolving networks, our IP-optimized PTP 800 radios give government agencies, corporate enterprises and service providers the licensed exclusivity, high-bandwidth, scalability and affordability you want to meet your unique bandwidth demands.

Whether connecting locations, backhauling video or providing last-mile access, the PTP 800 has the capabilities and features to meet today's IP requirements and tomorrow's Next Generation Network needs.

The PTP 800 Compact Modem Unit (CMU) is frequency and capacity independent. Modem units will perform reliably in temperatures ranging from -27 F (-33 C) to +131 F (+55 C).

 PTP 800 Compact Modem Units are shipped with a factory-set 10 Mbps capacity CAP. The throughput capacity is controlled by a software license key. When requiring more than 10 Mbps the capacity can be upgrade from 10 Mbps to 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 Mbps or to full capacity (368 Mbps full duplex) without any change to the hardware.



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