The Nomadix Advantage

Every Nomadix Gateway comes pre-loaded with the proven NSE software providing:

  • Guest Satisfaction – Delivering true “plug-and-play” connectivity to the HSIA service through Nomadix’ patented Dynamic Address Translation™ (DAT) and dynamic transparent proxy technologies.  Users are able to get onto the network with Zero Configuration changes to their laptop.

  • Property Management System Support – Nomadix has certified interoperability with the widest range of Property Management Systems (PMS) on the market for in-room billing of HSIA service.

  • Sophisticated Billing Options – Nomadix customers can choose from a wide range of hospitality-oriented billing options including both pre/post paid and duration-based folio charging options. In addition, it can include WISPr compliant RADIUS support to allow “roaming” users to access your HSIA service while the property collects a back-end fee.

  • Support for Wi-Fi Networks – Nomadix pioneered dedicated 2-way PMS interface solutions that enable in-room billing in pure-play Wi-Fi or hybrid wired and wireless networks.

  • Easy-to-Use – All Access Gateways are easy for administrators to set-up through a Web Management Interface, secure telnet and SNMP interfaces. Total management security can be achieved via IPSec.

  • Network and User Security – Nomadix’ patent-pending iNAT™ technology allows multiple guests to VPN into the same termination point (their corporate HQ) from the Hotel, thus seamlessly enabling the most secure type of public access connection.  To help prevent your network from becoming a victim of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, Nomadix offers you peace of mind with its unmatched Session Rate Limiting (SRL) and dynamic MAC filtering functionality.  Nomadix also makes use of tracking logs to support Lawful Intercept.

  • Differentiated Guest Support – The AG 3000 and AG 5000 are capable of creating a differentiated service experience whether the user is a registered hotel guest, walk-in or meeting room user. This functionality includes support for differentiated home page redirects, simultaneous payment choices and meeting room scheduling.

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