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  Orinoco AP-700 Broadband Wireless Radio.  802.11a/b/g WiFi Access Point.
Proxim ORiNOCO AP-700 Broadband Wireless Single Radio 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi Access Point without MESH capabilities. Frequency Bands 2.4GHz,5.25-5.35GHz, 5.725-5.85GHz. With integrated antenna and connectors for external antenna at 2.4 and 5GHz. US/CAN Power supply. (Mnf.Part# 8675-US)


Proxim ORiNOCO AP-700 Broadband Wireless Single Radio 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi Access Point without MESH capabilities. Frequency Bands 2.4GHz,5.25-5.35GHz, 5.725-5.85GHz. With integrated antenna and connectors for external antenna at 2.4 and 5GHz. US/CAN Power supply. (Mnf.Part# 8675-US)



MFR #: AP-700, 8675-US




Orinoco Proxim AP-700 Features
  • Wireless Single Radio 802.11a/b/g
  • Voice and Data over Wi-Fi
  • Integrated Antennas
  • Connectors for 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Single-radio Access Point
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Super Mode



Proxim’s ORiNOCO Wireless Wi-Fi AP-700 Access Point delivers 802.11b/g or 802.11a operation at a moderate price point. +20 dBm output power. +20 dBm for 802.11b and +18 dBm for 802.11g. Embedded diversity antennas featuring horizontal and vertical polarization for superior coverage. External antenna connectors. IEEE 802.11i compliant with AES encryption and 802.1x authentication using dynamic, rotating encryption keys. Rogue AP detection in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands proactively protects your network Quality of Service for latency sensitive voice and video applications using IEEE 802.11e.


Next-Generation Proxim Wireless Access Point Brings QoS and Performance to Mid-Size Enterprises
Proxim ORiNOCO Wireless Wi-Fi Access Point AP-700 balances enterprise-scale security, management and Quality of Service features with a moderate price point – and either 802.11a or 802.11b/g mode operation. The new, highperformance Proxim Orinoco Wireless Wi-Fi Access Point AP-700 is the entry-level solution in Proxim’s next-generation line of access points supporting enterprise voice and video applications. Proxim Orinoco Wireless Wi-Fi Access Point AP-700 is perfect for mid-size production Wi-Fi broadband networks.
  • Industry-leading performance with new Super Mode
  • New level of intelligent rogue access point and client detection
  • Sophisticated hotspot interfaces with Radius integration
  • Pre-standard IEEE 802.11e quality of service support for latency-sensitive applications
  • Plenum rating and other important safety features

Proactive Security Measures to Protect Your Network
Proxim ORiNOCO wireless wi-fi access points support the latest security standards, including IEEE 802.11i and AES encryption, and add proactive security measures.

  • IEEE 802.1X mutual authentication
  • Dynamic per-user, per-session rotating keys
  • Rogue access point detection, notification
  • Secure management interfaces: SNMPv3, SSL and SSH
  • Intra-cell blocking to prevent client-to-client snooping
Easy to Deploy and Manage
Ease of deployment and integration with the wired network are critical factors in a successful, profitable wireless LAN rollout. Proxim ORiNOCO wireless wi-fi access points excel with key capabilities that simplify broadband WLAN deployment.
  • Tools to speed installation and optimization: automatic channel selection, adjustable transmit power, external antenna connectors
  • Wireless repeating functionality in areas without Ethernet wiring
  • Remote management via SNMP, HTTP and Telnet
  • Extensive RADIUS accounting support
  • Powerful group configuration, software updates and automatic alerts via Proxim Wavelink Mobile Manager

Reliable by Design
With over 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of wireless LANs, Proxim understands that service providers and enterprises require the same uptime and reliability in a wireless network as in a wired network. Proxim ORiNOCO wireless wi-fi broadband access points offer:

  • Robust features for enterprise, public access – compared to consumer grade APs
  • Automatic reconfiguration of security policy in the event of power loss
  • Dual firmware image support – for rollback in the event of software or config change problems
  • IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet, plenum rating, built-in Kensington lock and external antenna connectors.


  • Small and medium corporations Mobile access to improve employee, contractor and customer efficiency
  • Universities Flexible, immediate, mobile faculty and student connectivity in dorms, classrooms, libraries and campus quads
  • Hospitals and medical clinics Real time information system wide for better patient care and reduced errors
  • Local, state and federal agencies Fast access to information to serve constituencies better
  • Public hotspots Robust, secure, Wi-Fi connectivity for airports, convention centers, hotels


Accessories and Cables
GNS-7110-NF Proxim Wireless ORiNOCO 19" Pigtail for Access Point AP600 and AP4000, N-type Female connector, 1086-PGTL-NF $ 36.49




 8675-US Access Point, Top view

Proxim ORiNOCO AP-700 Broadband Wireless Single Radio 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi Access Point without MESH capabilities. Frequency Bands 2.4GHz,5.25-5.35GHz, 5.725-5.85GHz. With integrated antenna and connectors for external antenna at 2.4 and 5GHz. US/CAN Power supply. (Mnf.Part# 8675-US)



Tri-mode 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11a Support User-selectable 802.11b/g or 802.11a operation
Field upgradeable Software and hardware upgradeable to support new standards
IEEE 802.11i and AES Highest authentication and encryption methods including mutual authentication, message integrity check (MIC), per-packet keys initialization vector hashing and broadcast key rotation
Rogue AP Detection Detects, alerts and stops unauthorized rogue Access Points and clients in both the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands*
Secure Management Interfaces SNMPv3, SSL and SSH protect against unauthorized AP changes via the management interface
Multiple VLAN Support with different security settings Up to 16 separate VLANs each able to support a different security setting
Auto configuration via DHCP Ensures new APs automatically receive correct configuration and prevents security vulnerabilities with deliberate resets
Central management and configuration Allows centralized management of AP settings including group updates of firmware*
Assured Software Upgrades Guarantees new AP configuration file is valid before deleting current image - dual image support
Quality of Service Draft IEEE 802.11e along with 802.1p and 802.1q improves performance of video and voice applications.
High Output Power +20 dBm for 802.11b, +18 dBm for 802.11g and 802.11a
Transmit Power Control Supports settable transmit power levels to adjust coverage cell size
Automatic Channel Selection Simplifies installation by choosing best possible channel upon installation
Super Mode Delivers greater than 30 Mbps throughput for ORiNOCO and Atheros-based clients while simultaneously compatible with non-Atheros clients
Designed for Public Hot Spots Extensive RADIUS Accounting support, intra-cell blocking to prevent client-to-client snooping,
multiple VLAN support with different security modes
Advanced Filtering Capabilities IEEE 802.1d bridging with static MAC address filtering, network protocol filtering, Proxy ARP,
multicast/broadcast storm threshold filtering,TCP/UDP port filtering, intra-cell traffic filtering,
and Spanning Tree support
IEEE 802.3f and AC Power Decreases installation costs up to $1000 per AP when Power over Ethernet is available
Integrated diversity 2.4 and 5 GHz antennas with horizontal and vertical polarization Delivers optimum coverage in any mounting position and excellent performance in high multipath environments
External antenna connectors for 802.11b/g and 802.11a Allows use of shaped and higher gain antennas to design for most efficient AP placement**
Plenum rated Meets safety and insurance requirements when installed in air spaces
Wi-Fi Certified Industry certification guarantees interoperability with other Wi-Fi certified clients
Wired Ethernet 10/100 base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)
Wireless Ethernet 1 integrated 802.11a/b/g radio
RS-232 Unit configuration
Memory 32 MB SDRAM; 8 MB Flash
Dimensions 7.1 x 4.8 x 1.1 in (180 x 120 x 27 cm)
Weight 0.65 lbs (295 kg)
Temperature Operating 0°C to 40°C

Storage -10°C to 70°C

Humidity Operating 95% (non-condensing)

Storage 95% (non-condensing)

  • Integrated module
  • Autosensing 100/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • IEEE 802.3af Active Ethernet for power over Ethernet
  • Power, Ethernet LAN Activity
  • Wireless 802.11a/b/g Activity
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and secure SNMPv3 management
  • Standard & ORiNOCO traps
  • ORiNOCO MIB, Etherlike MIB, 802.11 MIB, Bridge MIB, MIB-II
  • TFTP support
  • Telnet CLI, Serial Port CLI (no proxy required)
  • HTTPS (SSL) server for secure web-based management
  • Proxim WaveLink Mobile Manager for group management (not included)
  • Syslog
  • DHCP Server and Client
  • AP-700 access point with built-in 802.11a/b/g radio
  • Power supply and support for Active Ethernet and IEEE 802.3af
  • Software and documentation
  • Cable cover and mounting bracket

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