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Point to point wireless bridges or backhaul solutions deliver high bandwidth voice, video and data.  These bridge packages provide extremely high uptime with superb reliability to meet your toughest challenges.


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Motorola Canopy Wireless PTP 400 Series Ethernet Bridge. 5.8 GHz ISM System, 60 Mbps Backhaul Module Pair with Integrated Antenna, Complete Link. Mrf# BP5730BH-2CC


5.8Ghz Complete Link (BP5730BH-2CC)




Part#: BP5730BH-2CC
GNS Part#: GNS-5500
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Near/Non Line-of-Sight

Clears Obstructions 10x Better

Connect Two Locations 30 miles apart

Does Not Require Line of Sight

All Inclusive Outdoor Enclosure

Provides High Speed Connection

60Mbps Throughput (aggregate)

True Data Throughput at 10 Miles LOS

DES 64 bit Security included (Optional

   128/256 bit upgrade available)



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Professional Installation Available




Commercial Grade Point-to-Point Backhaul


Complete Link - Near/Non Line of Sight



Motorola Canopy OFDM Backhaul Solutions (30, 60, 150 & 300 Mbps): Enable users to achieve greater throughput and reach further distances in Line-of-Sight (LoS) environments and establish reliable links in challenging near-LoS and Non-LoS conditions. Spanning distances of up to 124 miles (199 kilometers), the OFDM Backhauls are available in the 5.4 and 5.7 GHz frequency and feature:


  • Dynamic frequency selection, which automatically changes channels to avoid interference and combat link fading without user intervention.
  • Adaptive modulation to ensure maximum throughput optimized for the radio path even as path characteristics change.
  • Built-in security protection via a complex proprietary signal with scrambling applied.
  • Multi-beam space time coding, which transmits two redundant signals spaced in time to bring multi-path signals into phase and resulting in less fade margins than conventional radios

Excellent NLoS Connectivity:

In a typical urban environment, 15% of Properties 1500 feet apart have an optical LoS path available between their roofs.  The PTP Series of Wireless Backhauls will improve the probability of a connection to 99%using their 4-way diversity MIMO technology.  The Motorola PTP series wireless backhauls gives 25dB lower fading losses in NLOS environments, and has four times the nLoS range and eight times the probability of installation than the best similar radios.  Integrated 23dB antennas can provide for up to 14 miles LOS, connectivity without having to use external dish antennas.  The Multiple-Input Multiple-Output, (MIMO) technology will allow the PTP series radios to communicate when there are obstacles.  Each data burst is sent with both horizontal and vertical polarization and heard by both receivers.  See diagram below.


128 BIT AES Security Upgrade:

PTP Software Key, PTP300/500/600 Series AES License Key 128Bit - Complete

Part#: WB2519 | Price: $2395


256 BIT AES Security Upgrade:

PTP Software Key, PTP300/500/600 Series AES License Key 256Bit - Complete

Part#: WB2511 | Price: $3495





Canopy Part Number



5.7 Ghz 60 Mbps Backhaul Module Pair Integrated

Signaling Rate

60 Mbps

Typical LOS Range

non-LoS Up to 6 Miles (10Km),near-LoS up to 25 Miles (40Km),LoS Up to 124 Miles (200Km)

Typical Aggregate Useful Throughput

Dynamically Variable modulation ranges from 3.0 Mbps to 43 Mbps

Frequency range of band

5.725 GHz5.850 GHz

Channel Width

12 MHz

Modulation Type

Adapting between BPSK and 64QAM (8 Modes). Signal is transmitted and received with multiple beams on separate routes recorrelates signals and brings multi-path signals into phase. Generates a new set of Adaptive Modulation margins which reduces the probability of codeword errors (and hence packet loss). TDM Mode.


Proprietary scrambling, DES 64 Bit Encryption Included

(optional AES 128 Bit Encryption $1949 upgrade)



Nominal Receiver Sensitivity (dbm typical)

Adaptive, varying between -96.5 dBm and -72 dBm according to modulation selected

Antenna Gain (dB)

23 dBi

System Gain Varies with modulation mode between 168.5 dBm and 138 dBm using integrated antenna


Adaptive. Varying between 25 dBm and -10 dBm according to modulation selected and radio path. Power Source 90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz/36-60V DC. Power consumption 55W maximum.

Antenna Beam Width

Integrated flat plate / 23 dBi / Narrow 7 degree Beam Width


-40F (-40C) to +140F (+60C), including solar radiation

Wind Survival

242 km/hr (150 miles/hr)


Outdoor unit: 14.5 W x 14.5 H x 3.75D inches (370 x 370 x 95 mm). Indoor Unit part: 9.85W x 1.6H x 3.1D inches (250 x 40 x 80 mm)


Outdoor Unit: 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg) including bracket
Indoor Unit: 1.9 lbs (864 g)


10BASE-T / 100BASE-T (RJ-45) auto MDI/MDIX switching

Protocols Used

IEEE 802.3 compatible

Network Management

Web Server and SNMP



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Broadband WiFi Power Meter

Measure Forward Power,

Reflected Power & VSWR

900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz


Part#: PM-900

Price: $1995.00


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Broadband WiFi Power Meter

Measure Forward Power,

Reflected Power & VSWR

2.4GHz, 5GHz


Part#: PM-2458

Price: $1495.00


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