Universal Antenna Mount

Provides for Easy Installation for

all Antennas


High capacity, license free, Point to Point wireless backhaul, 5GHz frequency with 23dBm integrated antennas, 20MHz channel spacing, 48Mbps aggregate throughput (24Mbps full duplex).  Complete Link.

Radwin 2.5GHz PTP Backhaul

High capacity, license free, Point to Point wireless backhaul, 2.5GHz frequency with 23dBm integrated antennas, 20MHz channel spacing, 48Mbps aggregate throughput (24Mbps full duplex).  Complete Link.



 WL1000-ODU-HE/F25/BRS/INT, Outdoor unit supporting HSS with integrated 

 antenna operating in 2.5GHz band according to FCC (BRS) radio regulation, max

 Tx power 22dBm, supporting 5, 10, 20MHz channel BW



GNS Part#: GNS-5524


Line of Sight, long-range line-of sight and high interference environments - where reliability & throughput is a major requirement


Integrated 23dBi Internal Antenna

Weather Proof Enclosure

Up to 48 Mbps Aggregated throughput

Indoor POE injector Included

Surge Suppressor Included

AES Encryption included, 128bit AES

OFDM-BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64WAM modulation

Data Latency 3msec (typical)


LOS Recommended for Long Range







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Commercial Grade 2.3-2.7GHz Point-to-Point Backhaul

RADWIN's WinLinkTM 1000 family of point-to-point wireless broadband solutions deliver carrier-class performance at the most competitive price in the market.  Use this Point to point Ethernet backhaul for cellular networks, backhaul to access points (metro WiFi deployments), and backhauls for wireless ISP's.

WinLinkTM 1000 solutions pack legacy TDM and Ethernet services over the 2.3 - 2.7 GHz and 4.9 - 6 GHz spectrum bands, and comply with worldwide standards and regulations including FCC and ETSI.  The integrated 23dBi antenna operates in any range of frequency from 2.3GHz to 2.7GHz, and 4.9GHz to 6GHz.

Ideally suited to meet the connectivity needs of cellular operators, service providers, enterprises and private networks, the WinLinkTM 1000 solutions provide high capacity connectivity of up to 48 Mbps at ranges of up to 80 Km/50 miles. Available in multiple frequency bands and configurations, the cost-effective solutions are extremely simple to install and maintain, and are typically up and running in less than an hour.

RADWIN's WinLink™ 1000 solutions can also be installed in a unique multi point-to-point architecture; multiple units are deployed in one hub site location, from where they provide a dedicated high capacity connection to each remote site.  The MPtP concept builds on RADWIN's unique Hub Site

Synchronization (HSS) feature, which synchronizes the transmission of collocated Winlink™ 1000 radios - thus dramatically reducing mutual interference commonly experienced with collocated TDD radios.


Outdoor Power Over Ethernet Device

(Pair Included)

A specially designed Outdoor Power over Ethernet (OPoE) device can be separately ordered for use in harsh environmental conditions. In addition to the standard PoE functionality, the OPoE device offers a full outdoor solution with over current protection, over voltage protection and lighting protection.

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Universal Antenna Mount

Easy Installation for all Antennas


Part#: GNS-1433

Price: $27.99





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3 foot Antenna Tripod

Requires min. 5ft. Mast


Part#: GNS-1631

Price: $44.99




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12" Wall Mount Bracket

Great for when eve of build-

ing is in the way of antenna.


Part#: GNS-1633

Price: $22.99



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Ask us about pre-configuration of these Access Points, so they work "out of the box" and ready to install at your two locations.  




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