TBC-800 Bandwidth Controller

TBC systems are simple and reliable, allowing network
operators to quickly and easily bring network traffic into
balance without changing the existing network infrastructure.








Hotspot Solution for Rapid Deployment

Built-in Authentication

Control Usernames/Passwords

User Authentication & Session Limiting

Comprehensive Security Features


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Adding this Network Gateway/Network Controller to your network will allow Hotspot or Wireless ISP operators to provide authentication, accounting and billing service to end users. The latest model, the TBC800, has flexible settings that allow for different scales or sizes of operations. For small scale enterprises, a simplified TAG system can provide easy configuration via an on-site hotspot router to accommodate all kinds of access requirements.


Hotspot Solution for Rapid Deployment
The TBC800 is a wireless LAN gateway suitable for Hotspot deployment in such areas as hotels,
airports, bookstores, coffee shops, conference facilities and other sites that commonly host business travelers and offer high-speed Internet connections.
Hassle-Free Customer Service
The TBC800 helps solve connectivity problems by configuring the correct IP address for Internet access, regardless of a user's computer settings. The built-in technology recognizes new users on the network and accommodates all IP configurations such as DCHP, Private IP or Static IP, without altering the settings.
Built-In Authentication
This Network Controller works with a built-in authentication server to validate customer login names and passwords and to monitor usage status.
Comprehensive Security Features
The TAG800 provides a fully secure operating environment with VPN pass through & SSL certificate. Users can surf the web worry-free.
Enhance Local Service
The TAG800 lets you create multiple URL link redirections. You will be able to redirect end users to
your advertising web pages, increasing traffic and your revenue potential. Additionally, login and sign-up pages are fully customizable.
Easy to Use
The TAG800 features an easy-to-use management interface. The operating system-independent interface allows operators to set user access privileges in increments of time such as minutes, days, or even months. User information are conveniently printed on the button-operated printer included with the TAG800.





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