5.8GHz Base Station

Wavion Base Station, 15806501, 5.8GHz 120 Deg. Sector, Spatially adaptive, multi-radio base station, with an array of 3 sector antennas, 5.8GHz self backhaul, PoE input (PoE injector to be ordered separately), FCC / TUV compliant



Part#: WBS-5800-SCT



Superior 5.8GHz Range

Increased Throughput

Carrier Grade Access Point

Includes 3 Radios, 3 Sector Antennas

Increase connectivity for LOS and NLOS






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SDMA enables simultaneous downlink communications with multiple users over the same frequency channel, thus increasing significantly the network capacity.

Wavion's unique SDMA technology creates two downlinks to two different users simultaneously, transmitting one data stream per user. Each stream is "beamed" by means of beamforming in such a way that the user receives only the stream directed to him, while the other steams are received below the noise level. This doubles the network’s downlink capacity.


The improvement in capacity and range resulting from SDMA and spatially adaptive beamforming are presented in the diagram. Wavion's SDMA performance is compared to a conventional Wi-Fi Base Station in typical Non-Line-of-Sight propagation model. Note that, Wavion’s SDMA technology capacity increase tapers off gradually as the radius from the base station increases. This is a result of the division of power between the two beams.

Wavion’s SDMA capability will be offered as a SW upgrade to all Wavion’s base stations. Network operators are able to upgrade their existing network in order to increase their capacity and improve their networks value.





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