RV Park and Campground Owners

  Is your RV Park Wi-Fi enabled?

  Does your Park provide the High Speed Wi-Fi Connection that more

   and more RV'ers are expecting?


  • Custom "Do it yourself" Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions for RV Parks/Campgrounds

  • FREE Consultation for setting up your Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  • High gain Omni directional, patch, and sector antennas for outdoor use.

  • Wireless Network Amplifiers, Outdoor Access Points.

  • Wi-Fi Repeaters for extending the range of your existing Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  • FREE Technical Support on all the products we sell.

  • Reliable, Knowledgeable and Friendly Technicians.

  • Long Range Wireless Routers

  • Technical Assistance to RV Parks and Campgrounds.


Based on the characteristics on your RV park, (size, obstructions, number of guests, profile, location, etc.) GNS WIRELESS will develop a cost effective solution for your property. The type of Wi-Fi Antennas used in each park depends on the characteristics of that park.  GNS WIRELESS also offers products that allow the park owner to charge for Internet access as an additional amenity.


For the RV Park owners and managers interested in providing WiFi access to their customers, GNS WIRELESS is the perfect choice. GNS WIRELESS provides a "do it yourself" Wi-Fi hotspot, that is completely owned and operated by the campground/RV Park owner, yet configured, supported and installed with the assistance of GNS WIRELESS

Offer your guests the convenience of high-speed WiFi access, without the hassle third party providers.  GNS WIRELESS offers custom Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions to meet the size, shape and coverage area of your particular RV Park.  One size does not fit all, as we will custom package antennas and access points to meet your needs.

We not only offer the 802.11 Wi-Fi solutions, but we can pre-configure your equipment to work out of the box.  Simply install the equipment at the locations we specify and you are ready to go...quick and easy.

With GNS WIRELESS, business owners can:

  • Create a "do it your self" WiFi Hotspot.
  • Extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Increase the speed of your Wi-Fi network
  • Increase marketability of your campground
  • Extend the reach of Security Cameras to different areas of the park.
  • Charge for Wireless Internet access, or offer it to guests for free.


View some of our Pre-Packaged Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions by clicking here.






As the RV and Campground industry continues to grow, customers are continuing to require more amenities from their travel experiences and wireless, high-speed Internet access (Wi-Fi) is now one of their top priorities.


With the addition of WiFi,  hotels have allowed guests to use their laptops anywhere within the coverage area in the hotel without being connected to a phone line or Ethernet port. This has gradually expanded to rooms, pool areas, and other gathering areas where Wi-Fi could be useful.  The same now goes for RV Parks, where overnight campers are looking to get connected, surf the Internet, and check email in the comfort of their RV.


Although some RV parks are still charging for the WiFi service, most parks are moving towards offering the Wi-Fi access Free of charge.  A good idea, in essence because most RV'ers do not want to be bothered with another hourly, daily or monthly access fee when staying at the campsite, and also because most RV Parks are now offering the service for FREE.


To Get started, please fax or email us a basic layout view of your park map.  Our Fax number is (516) 882-7261, or Call us at (516) 214-0321

Send Email to: sales@gnswireless.com






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