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At GNS Wireless LLC. we pride ourselves on customer service and excellent response times.  We make it our No. 1 priority to respond to the customer as quickly as possible by returning phone calls promptly and responding to emails as they come in.  


GNS Wireless LLC. has been working with Wireless Networking Solutions for over seven years and has continued to excel in product advancement.  We have gained valuable experience installing Wireless Hotspots in Marinas, Hotels, Resorts, Cafes and RV-parks.  We also specialize in Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Connections between buildings, as well as Point to Multipoint setups between multiple buildings.


If you have a wireless proposal, and need a professional solution, please contact us to get started right away. 


We can be reached by email anytime, or by phone during our normal business hours of 8:30am to 6pm EST, Monday to Friday.


Please feel free to call or email us anytime regarding your wired or wireless setup.  We also have certified consultants available to perform a site survey of your setup if needed.


Listed Below are a few Customer Feedbacks regarding our

Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge Solutions.

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"Works great.  Will buy from you again.  Instructions you sent with it worked exactly as it was written."


Anthony J.






"Excellent choice and support from you."


Bio Medical Center.






"Works like magic! Installed with no problems between two buildings about 400 ft apart. Eyeballed the antennas and set the routers up at home before I got there. Plugged it all in and it fired right up. Has not gone down once since installed!! Since those two companies are separating, I'm going to take the kit and use it in our building to replace an unreliable fiber connection between our two buildings across the street. Love it!!!!! Made my life a heck of a lot easier and my boss thinks I'm a hero!!!!"


Larry A.


"The installation went very smoothly with little problems. The installation has been operating for about 3 months with no downtime. Your service was great and your help in deciding which system to use was right on the money."


Harry S.







Orinoco AP-8000

802.11n Dual Radio

Wi-Fi using dual 802.11n

Radios.  9422-US


Part #: GNS-AP8000

Price: $1129.99


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Orinoco AP-800

802.11n Single Radio

Wi-Fi using 802.11n

Radios.  9411-US


Part #: GNS-AP800

Price: $829.99


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