Case Studies

View recent applications below where GNS provided superior WiFi and really made a difference in guest experience.

Beach Front RV Park

Beautiful Beach Front RV Park located on the west coast that required fast, reliable WiFi for daily guests. Internet speeds of 1Gbps were shared throughout the parks vast 5 acres. On average this park sees between 40-150 devices depending on the holiday. Wide open with no trees to contend with, we went with a combination of cloud managed 802.11AC access points and 60 GHz backhauls.

Pootatuck Yacht Club

Private Yacht club nestled on the Housatonic River with 75+ deep water slips. 1Gbps internet was shared throughout the main dock using hardwired cat6 to multiple 802.11AC, cloud managed access points. Management system allows for bandwidth limiting to prevent any single device from “hogging” all available speed.

Sea Grove Resort

This large resort on the Jersey Shore minutes away from Sea Isle Beach has a large amount of wooded sites that caused WiFi signal degradation. We fixed the problem by upgrading the network to 802.11AC access points, gigabit PTP wireless backhauls and homeruns of fiber where possible. The WiFi network is now 100% stable with cloud based monitoring for ease of management.

Sun Ridge RV Park

A very large 55+ RV Park able to accommodate 40ft. rigs with Tip-Outs was in desperate need of a park wide WiFi upgrade. They went with the latest & greatest 802.11AX WiFi Access Points with a 60 GHz PtMP mesh backhaul. Fully customized with cloud management and bandwidth limiting, this WiFi network hums with over 300 devices online at anytime.

Country Livin RV Park

This beautiful, peaceful & friendly RV Park has been expanding their WiFi network to the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, meaning it supports more devices, and guests can now stream inside their RV. We worked with the team at Country Livin RV Park to make the transition to a cloud based wireless network easy and affordable.

Atlantique Marina

This large marina situated on the Great South Bay, Long Island has over 150 deep water slips. Atlantique has 1Gbps internet and wanted to be able to allow all guests streaming capability. With over 350 concurrent devices online at anytime, we went with multiple 802.11AC enterprise access points, with a cloud managed back-end system. Bandwidth limiting and speed enhancements were enabled. If you have never been to Atlantique…put it on your bucket list today!