Superior WiFi Network Solutions

Unplug your network…but stay connected with GNS WIRELESS.

Construction Yard WiFi

Connect your onsite security cameras to a strong, secure and reliable WiFi network. We provide the PTP backhauls, and outdoor wireless network equipment to link your cameras to the internet. We use commercial grade WiFi gear, so you can be sure your cameras are online and working at all times.

Marina WiFi

We Provide fast, reliable outdoor Wi-Fi equipment to support the small private Yacht Club to the Large Public Marina and everything in between. Once your wireless network is up and running, we typically provide security service as well. Cameras can be added to the wireless network easily and efficiently.

Campground WiFi

Turn-key Wi-Fi solutions from design to installation, that will deliver superior WiFi with superior coverage.  Whether you have trees blocking the signal, fiberglass exteriors, neighboring WiFi systems, a wide expansive park, or too much interference…No Problem.  GNS can help.

WiFi Equipment for the RV Park

Wi-Fi enabled RV Parks and Campgrounds is an absolute must.  If you want to minimize the complaints coming to your office…then make certain the quality of that Wi-Fi is exceptional. Your Wi-Fi network is typically considered as important as other utilities, and some call it your 4th utility. We will make sure that your Wi-Fi not only covers the park, but that it works well both inside and out.

Point to Point Wireless

Short range wireless bridge to long range wireless backhauls. We provide from 100Mbps to multi-gigabit high speed, high capacity connections between any two locations. No line of sight, or trees in the way? No problem. We have on the shelf, ready to ship 900 MHz for NLOS to 80 GHz backhauls in stock. Contact us today for more information.

Agricultural WiFi

Extend the range of your WiFi Outdoors, Across Your Property with one of the many GNS Wireless pre-packaged antenna solutions. Whether you need to connect mobile chicken coops, or green houses, or scanning equipment, we have the solution to keep your network up and running efficiently. Contact us for more information today.